Pricing and FAQs

What products are most requested?

  • Generally, clients request a 60 second drone video and/or 15 Edited, Aerial Images (Exteriors + Interiors (if needed)).
  • Standard videos include (with upgrade options):
    Company Logo + Standard Music + Property Descriptions on a White/Black Background.
  • See "Can I add extras..." below for upgrade options.

I want to document my construction project in stages. How does that work?

  • The "Construction Series" is a set of 15 Progress Photos + 60 Second Videos, captured every 3-4 weeks.
  • Cost depends on what you need, the project size and its complexity with regard to people, risk and other factors.
  • Request a custom proposal by email at

How much does it cost?

For a 60 Second Drone Video with your Company Logo + Standard Music + Property Descriptions... or 15 Edited*, Aerial Images:

  • Standard-size, local properties not requiring paid assistants (most can be shot alone) start at $549.
  • Not all properties are build the same, so large-scale/complex properties require custom quotes.
  • Airport towers will be notified and thorough planning will be done to ensure everyone is safe on the ground and in the air. To begin planning and ensure all parties are committed, a 30-50% deposit is requested, depending on our agreement and what you need (references are available).

Can I add extras to videos/photos?

Most anything can be added, including longer videos. Popular requests include:

  • Interior/Local Area Video Clips/Photos: Custom
  • Aerial Images with Videos: Based on # of images needed | Basic editing included. Advanced editing is optional.
  • Custom Text: $49
  • Sliding Titles at Scene Changes: $49
  • "Advanced" Photoshop Edits: $75/hr. (blue skies, green grass, cars removed, etc)

Will my quote include extra costs?

Most standard, local properties are filmed without extra costs. However, some properties require additional staff/time, which may include:

  • Requested Upgrades
  • Paid Assistants for large-scale/complex properties (i.e., occupied by residents, open to general public or high risk)
  • Properties outside of Metro Atlanta (travel time/expense)
  • While it is "rarely needed", additional filming time on site due to unexpected interruptions is $125/hr over 1.5 hours. Notifications made by me and your company to all personnel on-site, including management, security, residents/general public will normally prevent additional time needed on site.

How quickly can I get my video/photos?

  • A "viewable" link is generally sent within 3 business days, which is available for download after invoice balance is paid (see "payment" and "revisions" FAQs below).

How do I pay and when is it due?

  • Due to the low cost of most properties, invoices are paid by credit card only, on this page using the "Pay Now" button.
  • Invoice balance is due within 5 business days of invoice date and late after the 5th business day.

What if I want revisions?

  • Reasonable revisions are absolutely made, as I want you to have what's needed for your project.
  • Requests must be made within 48 hours of delivery/invoice date and the first hour of revised, video editing is included.
  • All properties are filmed/photographed based on a short form received prior to shoot day, thus revisions are limited to footage on-hand.
  • On-site staging prior to site arrival helps ensure shots are captured per your requests on the short form and my professional expertise, all within the 1.5 hour timeframe on site.