Fall Specials (Southeastern US):

  1. 2+ Projects/Same Day: Mention Code "DRONE2” for 50% off Your 2nd Project*

*Two+ projects on same day, < thirty miles apart. (Code Expires 10/31/2018)

2. 20% Off: Mention Code “FALLDRONE” for 20% off Your First Drone Photo Package.

Most Requested Packages:

  1. DRONE PROGRESS PHOTOS: 15 Edited, Progress Photos of Construction in Progress Each Month

  2. DRONE VIDEOS: Professionally Edited, 60-90 Seconds with Premium Music, Logo & Property Descriptions

  3. COMPLETED PROJECT PHOTOS: 12-15 Edited, Aerial or Ground Photos (Exterior and/or Interior)

    *Optional: Advanced Photoshop Editing for Site Cleanup (i.e., object removal, blue skies, green grass)

  4. PHOTO + VIDEO PACKAGE: 15 Drone Photos + 60-90 Second Drone Video with Music, Logo & Descriptions

  5. PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS: Editing Your Photos/Videos You Already Have On-hand

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