Certified Drone Pilot | Photographer | Former Accountant | Adventurist

My name is Johnny McLendon and I've been a Photographer since 2010.  I'm also an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, fully trained in flying drones safely and effectively to meet clients' needs.  

Hiring in-house staff or "non-licensed" drone operators to document your properties is always an option, but if they're not licensed and trained to fly safely, everyone is at risk.  Then there are the FAA fines to both the drone operator and associated company for flying commercially without a license. 

Why hire Johnny McLendon?

  • Safety:  FAA Certified, Insured and Fully Trained to fly drones (and I'm a Pro Photographer).
  • Quality:  Professional Videos, DSLR & Drone Progress Photos
  • Skills:  I fly over wet concrete and entire sites while capturing smooth and professional footage.
  • Risk:  Removes risk of having in-house staff fly drones without proper training and licensing.  I also have direct contact with Air Force Bases and airport towers.

    Johnny shot this photo with his Phantom .


    I enjoy my work and helping clients, so I'm in the office a lot.  However, when I can, I head up to the mountains to kayak, camp and enjoy nature with my family.  I'd put my desk outside if I could. Contact me about how I can help "tell your story".

    info@johnnymclendon.com          (404) 550-8818

    FAA Certified Drone Pilot