FAA Certified Drone Pilot  |  Professional Photographer

Why should you hire Johnny McLendon?

  • Safety:  FAA Certified, Insured and Fully Trained to fly drones (and I'm a Pro Photographer).
  • Quality:  Professional Videos, DSLR & Drone Progress Photos
  • Skills:  I fly over wet concrete and entire sites while capturing smooth and professional footage.
  • Risk:  Hiring me removes that risk of having in-house staff fly drones without proper training and licensing.  I also have direct contact with the FAA, Air Force bases and airport towers.  In 2018, I received direct authorization from The Atlanta Braves and Dobbins Air Force Base to fly The Battery at SunTrust Park.

Progress Video (below) | 1.6 Million SF


Land Survey (below) | 660 Acres       Madison, GA



Completed Project (below) | Dahlonega, GA


Completed Project (below) | The Battery at SunTrust Park | Atlanta, GA



info@johnnymclendon.com  |  (404) 550-8818